History (1492)
Built in 1492, the year Christopher Columbus sailed to America, The Walnut Tree was originally a tudor 4 bay Kentish yeomans house.

The Walnut Tree is located in the historic village of Yalding set in what was once the heart of Kents orchards and hop gardens.

The pub sign reflects the year 1492, depicting a sail boat, and is an original piece of artwork by a renowned South American artist.

From the 17th to the 21st Century
This timber framed house features many curved braces between posts and wall plates, with exposed timbers throughout. It is now a celebrated public house but for much of its life it was a beer house, until about 1930.

What is now the restaurant, was in fact two cottages, that when Albert and then Edwin Latter were beer retailers here at the start of the 20th century, were called Latter’s Cottages.

For most of the 19th century the house was kept by Edward and Mary Ann English, who in 1841 were aged 54 and 48 respectively, and were still there until the 1860’s. Edward had been born in the village to parents John and Mary. Following them the business was conducted by a Harriet Mitchell, and later at the turn of the century as stated above, was run by Albert Latter who like many of that family was also a bricklayer.

Further into the last century the names of Frederick Gainsford, Fred Swift, and Fred Strand are on record as publicans.

Now run by Barry Jenner and his experienced staff, the Walnut Tree is both award winning and friendly. Come in for a pint and find out for yourself!

Interesting fact: Did you know the Walnut Tree originally had a tree outside in the front garden? Did you know The Chestnut Tree Pub at Congelow also had a tree in its front garden?

You did?

What you may not know is that our tree was in fact a Horse Chestnut and the Chestnut Tree pubs tree was a Walnut!